Workshops and Guest Speaking

Does this sound like you?

Just moved houses and wondering how to make everything fit?
Are you an HR Director tasked with organizing something different for your staff party?
Need a good idea for a workshop or school program?
Do you or a loved one have ADHD and need some life skills training? (this is often covered under some health benefits)
Or are you moving to a new home and need to “right size”?
Moving in with a new person and have double the stuff but not double the room?

Why not get your purge on and let us deliver a professional workshop on the How To’s of Decluttering and Organizing?!

Lead Organizer and Owner Barbara Ann Vocisano has delivered many workshops to clients such as The Canadian Bar Association, Crime Stoppers, Ottawa University, Carleton University, Harmony House and more! With over ten years of decluttering experience and professional organizing this one hour workshop will help participants with their declutter dilemmas! Please contact us for more information.

Workshops begin at $495 + HST.

All workshops include helpful resources, before and after pictures and free instruction on power tools and light carpentry if requested.

It doesn’t have to be hard to declutter and downsize but it can be difficult to know where to begin! We are able to provide workshops through meeting platforms such as Zoom or FaceTime, or in person with hand to hand instruction.